Finished writing? Now what?

Just because you have finished your book doesn’t mean that it’s ready to be sold. It still needs to be published! But where?

Women’s Springboard helps professionals and authors increase their visibility. We are the right publisher for text books, technical books and guides!

Would you like to know what you can do to give your book a better chance at getting published? We can give you valuable feedback and tell you whether your book can be published by Women’s Springboard.

For more information, please contact us by email!

Every author who publishes a book at Women’s Springboard is entitled to their own landing page. This is an optional page that guarantees you can be found as an author. If you already have your own website, you can link that website to the landing page. Please remember to send a professional photo so that not only your book but also you as the author gain visibility!

Typically your book would receive a book cover from Women’s Springboard series.
Please be sure to let us know any personal preferences.

You want your book to receive the attention it deserves?
Women’s Springboard can help!
Your book will appear in all major book market and trade directories commonly accessed by bookstores, libraries and reviewers. It is also easy for someone to order your book locally in a bookstore. Naturally, you will also be listed at online booksellers.

You can also request assistance with writing and distributing press releases and about social media advertising. You will be able to reach your ideal customers using your own media distribution list, which you can also use for your own marketing purposes.

We can also exhibit your book at the Frankfurt Book Fair to draw even more attention. For example, you can link your book to a reading and/or meeting and invite your existing or prospective customers.