Do you want to hold your own book in your hands as the author? With a printed or eBook, you will be perceived as an expert by your ideal customers. To attend really makes sense BEFORE you start your writing process and WHILE writing your book. Even if you’d get the idea right now: “I could write a book!” Yes, you could. This event will definitely save time. The possibility raises to get published somewhere. You will get the information to get published anywhere. Finished writing? Just because you have finished your manuscript doesn’t mean that it’s ready to be sold. It still needs to get published! But where? Would you like to know what you can do to give your book a better chance of getting published? We can provide you with valuable feedback and tell you whether your book can be issued by Springboard Edition or elsewhere.

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Women’s Springboard is an international professional network for women. The publishing house Springboard Edition is a branch of Women’s Springboard. Both guide professionals and authors to increase their visibility. Springboard Edition is the right publisher for nonfiction: textbooks, technical books and guide books! They do NOT plan to distribute any fiction (novels). You can make your dream available in bookstores and be visible to your ideal clients worldwide. Feel free to apply to get published.

Interview by Tonya Christie with Ulrike (Uli) Posselt (founder, owner, publisher).

Here you’ll find an interview: Uli Posselt interviewed Dr. Alexandra Sitch at the International Book Fair Frankfurt am Main (Germany), October 2018:

Do you dream of writing your own book?

You are asking yourself things like,

… if not now, then when?
… how do I start?
… how can I plan and finish my book efficiently?
… what is the best way to pack my expertise into a book?
… how do I become a disciplined writer?
… what should I do when I’m at a loss for good ideas?
… who would buy my book?
… who should publish my book?
… how will I get the attention of my target audience?

How to highlight your expertise in a book

You’ve already started?
You need feedback
on your initial steps.
on a selected chapter and the content’s structure.
to determine if you have used the correct writing style.
to find the right strategy to successfully market your book.
on the best way to grab the attention of your ideal customers.
on precisely how to position your book on the market.
and support to ensure that you earn the most possible from your book.
and tips on how to proceed.

You feel like your book will never be finished. You notice that
you are stuck somewhere.
… you do not have any time.
you need a caring shove?
you need feedback.
you need marketing ideas.
… your book is not appropriately positioned, and that needs to change.
you need someone to encourage you.

How to finish writing your book and getting published

Finished writing? Now what?

You are an expert and have finished your book. Now you ask yourself
… what is the best way to proceed?
… is my book “good”?
… should publish a hardcover, paperback or eBook?
… how can I sell as many copies as possible?
… what is the best way to market it?
… how can I make my book available?
… how can I distribute it anywhere in the world?

How to publish your book

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