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This FREE Writing & Publishing Masterclass is based on the 7 Keys to Write Your Own Best Seller. You can download the pdf-document below if you haven’t yet.

There are eight events. One event takes about one hour. They have different topics. Feel free to ask your questions via email in advance.

The first event is about your expertise.
How could you be more visible for your ideal clients? One possibility is to write and publish a book. Bring your questions as well. I highly appreciate them.

You’re invited. It’s free.

To attend really makes sense BEFORE you start your writing process and WHILE writing your book. Even if you’d get the idea right now: “I could write a book!” Yes, you could. This event will definitely save time. The possibility raises to get published somewhere. You will get the information to get published anywhere.

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Event time and topic:
Feb 14Key 1: Your expertise + Q&A
Mar 14, Key 2: Your ideal customer + Q&A
Apr 11, Key 3: Your strategy + Q&A
May 9, Key 4: Your marketing approach + Q&A
Jun 13, Key 5: Your publisher + Q&A
Sep 12, Key 6: Your genre + Q&A
Oct 10, Key 7: Your writing process + Q&A
Nov 14Roundup + Q&A

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Simply grab “7 Keys to Write Your Own Best Seller” here on the right. It helps you to springboard your success as a professional woman.

Guest speaker Tonya G. Christie, October 2018, Berlin, Germany

Here’s an event in Berlin, Germany with guest speaker Tonya G. Christie. Tonya is an amazing Life Purpose Coach. She wrote several books. Ulrike (Uli) Weigel interviewed her spontaneously right before she gave her talk “3 Keys to Living Your Life Purpose” in October, 2018.

Guest speaker Sadira Yasmine, December 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
We made this interview in November in Hawai’i.

3 Powerful practices to activate your intuition to make career, health, and romantic decisions easier.

We have all heard of women’s intuition, but listening to your intuition isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. It can become difficult when your intellect or past wounds kick in and take over decision making. Most women have been cut off from this intuitive part of ourselves.

In this interactive talk, Sadira will be guiding women who are at a crossroads in their work, health, or love life to activate their inner guidance for more ease and purpose in their lives.

About your guide, Sadira Yasmine:
Sadira is a psychic who has worked with a diverse range of clients around the world, with services such as life purpose readings, and clearing karmic and ancestral blocks. Through her business, Lotus Star Sprit Guidance (, she connects her clients to their higher selves, ancestors and other guides like angels; and has a lot of fun doing it!

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