You know how important your contacts are. Some are close and trustworthy; others tend to be more casual. Your contacts are a part of your expertise. Not only do you refer them, but they refer you too.

Events held by Women’s Springboard provide an opportunity to gather new inspiration while making valuable contacts. To receive an invitation, simply sign up to receive information by providing us with your name and email address and wait for an email with your confirmation. After confirming this email, you will be notified of all our events and locations. You will also receive a link to a private Facebook group of network members.

The topics and locations of meetings vary. We will keep you informed via email so you can join us when you are in the area and available.

Be a guest speaker
If you would like to inspire other women with your contribution, then please feel free to contact us. We will provide you a warm and open atmosphere where you can introduce yourself and your project or expertise.

Be a host
Draw attention to yourself as an expert and invite other experts to join you. You can limit the number of people invited to ensure you have the perfect space. First come, first served!

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