Women’s Springboard is an international professional network for women. It gives more visibility to professional women who want to grow as leaders, share their wisdom and expertise with the world, expand their businesses and get in front of their ideal clients! 

The publishing house Springboard Edition is a branch of Women’s Springboard. Both guide professionals and authors to increase their visibility. Springboard Edition is the right publisher for nonfiction: textbooks, technical books and guide books! They do NOT plan to distribute any fiction (novels). You can make your dream available in bookstores and be visible to your ideal clients worldwide. Feel free to apply to get published.

Women’s Springboard connects women today to influence our future.


Women’s Springboard’s vision is to have a world where every human is treated equally and respected.
Women’s Springboard inspires and motivates women to make their mark in the world.
It encourages women to grow, be visible, shine and contribute their unique expertise and influence with strength and compassion to help the world evolve into a place where everyone can realize their potential and enjoy their lives.

Mission Statement

Women’s Springboard is a platform aimed at inspiring and empowering women professionals who may be struggling to be seen as experts in their field. This platform acts as a “springboard” for getting their message out into the world so that they can share their wisdom and expertise, be visible to their ideal clients, enjoy financial abundance and contribute to making the world a better place.


Women today still earn approx. 20% less than men and continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions. Equal pay exists in just one country today: Iceland (as of January 1, 2018). Until women are paid equally on a global scale, Women’s Springboard will continue to encourage, inspire and support women professionals to

  • grow as leaders;
  • inspire, encourage and support other women;
  • share their wisdom and expertise, e.g., through writing;
  • make themselves and their businesses visible to their ideal clients;
  • ensure that women have the tools and resources they need to realize their potential.


Women’s Springboard promises to share 10% of the company’s profit to support women in spreading their message.


Ulrike Posselt founded Women’s Springboard in 2018 and Springboard Edition in 2020. She is a brand developer and business designer with an extensive network in both German and English speaking countries.

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