Women’s Springboard makes women experts visible. They are Women Business Owners who want to grow themselves as leaders so they can grow their business, share their wisdom and expertise with the world, be visible with their business to attract their ideal clients!

Women’s Springboard connects women in presence to influence our future.

The vision of Women’s Springboard is that each human individual is being respected and treated equally around the world.
Women’s Springboard supports and inspires women so that they take their bold stand in the world.
Women’s Springboard helps women to grow, to be visible, to shine and to contribute their unique expertise, impact and influence with power and love to make the world a place where everyone enjoys life.

Mission Statement
Women’s Springboard is a platform to inspire and empower women experts who struggles with not being seen as an expert in her field and bringing their message into the world. This women expert feels fear and overwhelm. She wants to be financially abundant, share her wisdom and expertise with the world, be visible for her ideal clients and use her experiences, impact and knowledge to use her influence to change the world into a better place. So she works with ease for her ideal client, has time for her beloved ones and will never ask “Can I afford it?“ because he can afford anything she loves and needs.

Women still earn around 20% less than men. They are still underrepresented in leadership positions. When equal pay and equal treatment is reached. As long as this goal is not reached Women’s Springboard will encourage, inspire and support women experts
– to grow themselves as leaders,
– to inspire, encourage and support other women,
– to share their wisdom and expertise with the world, e.g. by publishing her book,
– to be visible with their business for their ideal clients,
– change the world to a place where everyone enjoys life.

Women’s Springboard promises to share 10% of the company’s profit to support women to spread their important message to the world.